PhenGold Australia

Losing weight takes a lot of effort and is usually not easy to achieve.

If you have ever tried to get rid of excess pounds then you know how restrictive the process can be. From undergoing vigorous exercise to literally starving yourself, weight loss places physical demands on the human body.

However, over the years a range of products have been developed to make weight loss easier and simpler.

Dietary supplements containing all kinds of burning fats and metabolism boosting ingredients have been formulated to help men and women achieve their weight loss goals.

But with so many products currently available in the market, how do you know which one is beneficial for you and which is not.

To help you make the right choice, we have researched a large number of dietary supplements and chosen the most effective – PhenGold.

But how does PhenGold actually work? What are the powerful ingredients in this formula? What kind of results does PhenGold Australia offer and how long does it take to get those results? Is PhenGold a reliable choice and is it safe to use? Where can you buy PhenGold from? Are past customers satisfied with this product?

You will find all the answers in this detailed review of PhenGold Australia. So read on and find out why PhenGold is a recommended choice.

What is PhenGold ?


PhenGold Australia is a really new weight loss product , but it has already made a name for itself as one of the best weight loss supplements on the market.

PhenGold is produced by Swiss Research Labs Limited. This reputable team of experts specialize in all-natural supplements for fitness enthusiasts.

They are also the source of the world famous Zotrim (clinically proven appetite suppressant) and TrimTone (fat burner for women) supplements .

With PhenGold, this laboratory has created a powerful supplement for weight loss , for men as for women.

The unique blend of 100% natural and premium ingredients help you burn fat faster, speed up your metabolism, increase your energy level and improve your physical performance.

If you want to burn fat, lose weight, and build muscle at the same time, you are going to love PhenGold Australia. You will learn more about all the benefits of PhenGold in a moment.

This weight loss supplement is called a fat burner. This means that it is specifically formulated to increase the burning of body fat and speed up your metabolism. It helps you lose weight faster.

This supplement is for men and women who want better fat loss results than diet and exercise alone. PhenGold Australia increases your energy level and boosts your physical performance to help you lose excess weight fast.

  • PhenGold can also help you suppress your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer. Less hunger, more weight loss.
  • PhenGold is 100% natural and safe to use.
  • PhenGold increases metabolism and suppresses hunger making it easier to lose weight and keep it off for good.

How PhenGold Work ?

PhenGold Australia helps you lose weight faster by making it easier for you to control the amount of calories entering your body. It also helps you burn the extra calories.

The combination of a decrease in the number of calories and an increase in the number of calories burned creates an energy deficit which forces you to burn fat.

The formulation of natural ingredients in PhenGold Australia helps you control your calorie intake by suppressing hunger. It helps you burn more fat by increasing the metabolism.

● Reduces Appetite

PhenGold can help reduce appetite due to its elaborate composition. Indeed, this tablet contains cayenne pepper, a spice known to reduce appetite and therefore the number of calories ingested per meal. Thanks to this element, PhenGold can allow you to absorb less food and fat by accelerating the feeling of fullness. Also, the effects of PhenGold Australia will be active over time which will allow you to avoid the feeling of hunger between meals.

In addition, PhenGold Australia has been designed to improve digestion and thus speed up the absorption process while eliminating toxins present in the body.

● Accelerates the Metabolism

If PhenGold Australia can help you speed up your metabolism, this is mainly due to the coffee and green tea it contains. Indeed, these foods are known to have a thermogenic effect. This results in an increase in the heat released by your body and thus an increase in calories burned, even at rest.

In addition, these ingredients will mobilize the fat stored by your body in fat cells thanks to the norepinephrine produced ( source ). These fats will then be transformed into fatty acids in the blood and then converted into energy ( source ).

● Improves Concentration And Cognitive Skills

PhenGold can also improve mood by reducing stress, improving focus, and increasing cognitive performance. This can be essential if you are on a restrictive diet requiring help to stay focused on your goals.

● Increase Physical Performance

To succeed in your slimming treatment, you will need to combine a food supplement with a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical exercises.

To help you improve your physical performance, PhenGold has ingredients that may prove useful. Indeed, the composition of PhenGold Australia, in particular thanks to caffeine, catechins and L-tyrosine allows the body to mobilize fat cells and accelerate metabolism. This will have the effect of preparing your body for physical exercise.

Ingredients PhenGold

PhenGold Australia provides 12 natural ingredients and it is good to see that there is nothing unnecessary in the formulation. They all have virtues that will provide the kind of results customers can expect.

Green tea

When it comes to the natural ability to burn fat, green tea is at the top. Countless clinical trials, conducted around the world, prove its ability to increase metabolism and help people burn their fat stores.

The stimulating effect of green tea on the metabolism can last for a long time. Some research suggests that it can stay active for up to 24 hours.

Green tea also offers many other health benefits and is renowned for its ability to flush the body of toxins, boost immune function, and support overall good health.

Vitamins B

PhenGold contains vitamins B namely vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. This trio is present in many energy drink formulations because each of them helps the body extract energy from food.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) is also a vasodilator. This means that it has the ability to relax the soft walls of arteries and other blood vessels, which dilates them. This lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow to the muscles.

Many pre-workout supplements contain niacin because, by helping the blood to provide extra oxygen to the muscles, it allows you to work the muscles harder than normal.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid. It helps in building muscle, but it also does a lot of other things in the body. One of the things it does is help the production of dopamine. By raising the levels of dopaminergic hormone, it can thus help reduce stress.

Manufacturers of nootropic supplements use L-tyrosine to combat mental stress. Manufacturers of sports supplements also use it to help control free radical toxins that are a byproduct of exercise.

But even if you decide not to exercise, the presence of L-Tyrosine in the formulation of PhenGold Australia should help you deal with the mental challenges of a low calorie diet without succumbing to stress.


L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea and black tea. Bay Bolete mushrooms are also a source of L-Theanine.

It is an interesting ingredient that can calm the mind and do so without exhibiting the desire to sleep.

L-Theanine works great alongside caffeine. This combination boosts energy and mental focus while reducing the risk of side effects from caffeine, such as headaches and nausea.

Rhodiola root

Rhodiola rosea is a popular medicinal herb. It is an adaptogen that provides many and varied benefits. Like ginseng, it is often considered an herb with many healing properties.

It has long been used to treat anxiety and fatigue. Research shows that it also works as a stimulant. Rhodiola is another ingredient in PhenGold Australia that will be of great value to anyone who exercises regularly to help them lose weight.

Anhydrous Caffeine

A powerful caffeine powder that is a key ingredient in many supplements. Manufacturers prefer it because of its purity and speed of action.

Anhydrous caffeine contributes to the abilities of PhenGold in several ways. Its stimulating abilities allow it to increase energy levels and improve mental focus. Caffeine also has a modest appetite suppressant effect.

Research shows that caffeine also boosts metabolism. So, in addition to helping you avoid hunger and fatigue related to diet, it allows you to burn more of your fat.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper and hot peppers are related. They are also closely related to sweet peppers and jalapeño. All of these peppers provide capsaicin, which works as an appetite suppressant and is also a thermogenic fat burner.

Cayenne is an ingredient in the best diet pills. It’s not surprising. Researchers have assembled an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows it works.

In addition to its value as a weight loss aid, cayenne can improve digestion and promote good health in several other ways.


DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine Bitartrate) is a compound produced in the body. Oily fish, such as sardines and salmon, also contain DMAE.

Supplement manufacturers favor DMAE because it can help improve cognitive function and have a positive effect on mood.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extracts are a source of chlorogenic acid. It is a popular ingredient in diet pills that is often used as a standalone weight loss aid. Many people claim that green coffee bean extract has helped them get in shape. But it’s a controversial ingredient.

The main problem with green coffee bean extract / chlorogenic acid is not so much its effect. It’s more about how it works. The ingredient was initially hailed as a potent thermogenic fat burner. Unfortunately, the main research supporting this claim has fallen into disrepute.

However, some research suggests that the real value of chlorogenic acid comes from its ability to reduce the absorption of glucose in the gut. In doing so, it might prevent post-meal blood sugar fluctuations that trigger cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.

Some researchers have suggested that chlorogenic acid may further promote weight loss by preventing the body from storing excess calories as fat. It will be interesting to see what capabilities future research reveals.


Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract made by Sabinsa Corporation. It is a high quality ingredient that is standardized to be a potent source of piperine.

Piperine is the compound that gives black pepper such a special taste. It improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and therapeutic compounds.

Benefits of PhenGold

PhenGold is an effective natural food supplement, the formula of which has been developed to promote weight loss. It works on several fronts to promote weight loss, by boosting lipid metabolism and reducing food cravings. In addition, PhenGold Australia contains chromium, a trace element essential for the proper functioning of metabolism.

● Metabolism Stimulation

PhenGold helps stimulate lipid metabolism thanks to its content of green coffee, vitamin B6 and chromium. Indeed, green coffee is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that help burn fat. Additionally, the green coffee in PhenGold Australia is decaffeinated green coffee, meaning it does not contain caffeine, giving it dual action: burning fat and suppressing cravings. Vitamin B6 facilitates the use of fats by the body as a source of energy. Finally, chromium helps regulate blood glucose levels, which is important for avoiding food cravings.

● Appetite Suppressant Effect

PhenGold Australia also contains ingredients that help reduce cravings. Indeed, the Rhodiola rosea contained in PhenGold helps reduce stress and stress-related cravings, which promotes weight loss. Additionally, green tea helps lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar, which is important for avoiding cravings. Finally, vitamin B6 helps reduce the feeling of fatigue, which is a significant advantage when trying to lose weight.

● Better Mental

PhenGold also helps you better manage stress and anxiety thanks to its Rhodiola rosea content. Indeed, Rhodiola rosea is a plant known for its adaptogenic properties, which means that it helps the body respond better to stress. The Rhodiola rosea contained in PhenGold Australia therefore helps reduce stress and stress-related cravings, which promotes weight loss.

● Natural And Quality Ingredients

PhenGold Australia is composed only of natural and quality ingredients. Indeed, all the ingredients contained in PhenGold have been carefully selected for their effectiveness in weight loss. In addition, all the ingredients contained in PhenGold come from organic farming.

PhenGold Is It Effective ?

Scientific studies on the effectiveness of PhenGold are still quite limited. However, a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that people taking decaffeinated green coffee lost an average of 4.5% of their body mass in 8 weeks, compared to just 2.5% for people not taking. no green coffee.

Additionally, another study published in the journal Obesity Research and Clinical Practice showed that people taking chromium lost an average of 5 pounds in 3 months, compared to just 3 pounds for people not taking chromium.

PhenGold is therefore a food supplement that seems to have beneficial effects on weight loss. However, it is important to note that these studies included populations at risk of being overweight or obese, and the effects of PhenGold in healthy people are not yet known.

Dosage – How To Take PhenGold ?

Most of the reviews on PhenGold Australia recognize that using the product is quite easy to put into practice. Swiss Research Labs Limited, the company that developed this dietary supplement for weight loss, recommends a daily intake of 3 capsules .

To apply this dosage, we advise you to take 2 capsules in the morning with your breakfast. The third can be taken with your meal at noon or with fruit juice before starting a workout in the middle of the day. This way, you allow the ingredients to unleash their goodness when you need it most. If you have an intensive workout in the evening, you can take the third capsule before 3 p.m. If this is not the case, limit the intake to half a day to avoid insomnia.

We also recommend that you leave a day or two without the supplement after a full week of taking it, to avoid too much caffeine in the blood.

Side Effects of PhenGold

It must be said that PhenGold Australia has a very high tolerance rate. This means that there is virtually no risk in taking this metabolic remedy. It is easy to lose weight with it, but only if you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You should not arbitrarily increase or exceed the dose recommended by the manufacturer. Only in this way can a full effect be achieved.

In addition, the product must be allowed time to develop its full effect. Before taking the product for the first time, it is advisable to consult the list of ingredients and make sure that there are no ingredients there, to which you have an intolerance or an allergy. In this case, there should be no side effects or risks.

You should not take PhenGold if you have at least one of the following conditions:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Breastfeeding mother
  • Anyone under the age of 18
  • Person with serious illnesses
  • Person with a serious medical history

The Pros and Cons of PhenGold

Like any medical product, you should always weigh the pluses and minuses before using it.

Benefits of PhenGold

  • 100% natural high quality ingredients;
  • Effective in burning fat;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Reduction of appetite;
  • Promoted fat burning;
  • Relaxing effect;
  • Increased energy.
  • Dynamic official site.
  • Fairly responsive customer service.
  • No economic risk because the producer reimburses you if you are not satisfied within 100 days.

Disadvantages of PhenGold

  • Need to respect capsule taking times.
  • You can only buy PhenGold from the official website.

What Is Tthe Refund Guarantee for PhenGold ?

PhenGold “ Money Back ” guarantee far exceeds any guarantees made on other fat burners.

In fact, you have 100 days to realize the effectiveness of PhenGold.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the PhenGold program, return your unused boxes for a period of 100 days following delivery of your package.

PhenGold Australia will refund 100% of the returned product excluding shipping costs.

Contact customer service at support(at), then wait for return instructions within 2 business days. Returned products must be closed and sealed to obtain a refund.

Where to Buy PhenGold in Australia ?

Is it available in stores like GNC, Walmart or Amazon and EBay?

NOT! You can only buy PhenGold Australia on the official website of the manufacturer

(in pharmacies you will not be able to find it)

It is important to note this, because PhenGold Australia is today a very popular Fat Burner product, in view of its success, many counterfeits have appeared on the market.

So take no chances and don’t be tempted by their low prices!

Therefore, when purchasing your PhenGold Australia on the manufacturer’s site, you can be sure that you are ordering an effective and reliable product.

And you can also pay for it at an attractive price! In fact, the official site offers incredible promotions, ideal for maximum savings!

You also benefit from a 100-day money-back guarantee.

With a promo code, your product will be even cheaper.

The manufacturer offers free delivery at no additional cost anywhere in the world.

Benefits Buying PhenGold Australia on the official site:

  • All orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.
  • You must pay the real price.
  • You will get 100% natural and original products
  • Offer a 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • World-class customer service.
  • FREE SHIPPING worldwide.
  • Buy 2 get 1 Free.
  • Buy 3 get 2 Free

How Long Shipping Time PhenGold ?

This is the other good news. This exceptional product is only sold on the Internet, which is why the prices are so great. But to go even further in the process of making these pills accessible to everyone, PhenGold will be delivered to you for free.

Whether you live in Australia, in a big city or in the countryside. Shipping is free worldwide. In addition, the deadlines are short since your order will be ready to leave for your home within 24 hours. You won’t have to wait to start losing weight quickly!

Generally, with the delays of the post office and taking into account the weekend, you will receive your package between 5 and 7 days.

PhenGold Price

PhenGold Price

There are three choices for buying PhenGold Australia

● 1 Bottles x 90 capsules at a price of $129.99 (currently only $109.99), in order for one month supply, Free fast delivery is included.

● 2 Bottles x 90 capsules at a price of $389.97 (currently only $219.99) + 1 free Bottles, which represents a savings of $169.98 for a 3 months supply, Free fast delivery is included.

● 3 Bottles x 90 capsules at a price of $599.95 (currently only $299.97) + 2 free Bottles, the most advantageous pack with a saving of $299.98 for a 5 months supply, Free fast delivery is included.

Buy PhenGold Australia

Contact us here, if you have any questions all about PhenGold in Australia.